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Arabic Majlis Sofa,This floor sofa set contains 1 floor seating couch, 2 backrest pillows, 2 armrest pillows, 1 ottoman, 1 rug.

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Arabic Majlis Sofa SPECIFICATION

    • This floor sofa set contains 1 floor seating couch, 2 backrest pillows, 2 armrest pillows, 1 ottoman, 1 rug
    • All covers includes their foam filling inserts ( you will receive both covers and their interior foam fillings after your purchase )
    • Beautiful texture and soft to touch
    • Comfortable to sit or sleep on
    • Easy to assemble and move
    • Removable and washable hidden zipper covers
    • Elegant authentic look
    • Alternative to traditional sofas
    • Top quality finish and workmanship
    • Excellent for homes, offices, hotels, cafeterias, etc.


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  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: The full set comprises 7 individual pieces; 1 floor seating cushions, 2 backrest pillows, 2 armrest pillows, 1 ottoman, 1 rug. All parts of the sofa set includes their inner fillings/inserts ( you will receive both the covers and their interior foam/ fillings after your purchase)
  • FILLING MATERIAL: Our sofas filled with firm premium or standard quality foam for providing a superior comfort whether you use it on a bench or simply on the floor.
  • AREAS TO USE: Multi-Purpose use in a variety of environments. Thanks to its versatile and modular design, these unique sofas can be used in a variety of ways. Our unique sofas are not only functional, but stylish! They can blend in with any home decor style from boho, rustic, to modern, to farmhouse.
  • CARE INSTRUCTION: All parts of the sofa, pouffe and pillows have removable and washable hidden zipper covers. The covers can be machine or hand washed in cool temperatures. Do not tumble-dry. Do not poke the fabric with sharp objects. Keep away from fire.
  • USER MANUAL: To reduce the shipping cost and carbon footprint our sofas are sent in carefully vacuumed sealed packaging. A packaging process in which air is extracted from the package prior to sealing. When opening the packaging please do not use any sharp objects. Once the outer box opens, please also carefully open the sealed plastic vacuum bags. This should start the decompressing process of the product. Full decompressing process may take up to 48 hours.