Floor sofa with triple back rest - MA58

Floor sofa with triple back rest - MA58

Everything I hoped for!

Wow! I've always wanted these Arabian/oriental sofas but I was nervous about ordering online because I didn't know what it would feel like (sort of like buying a sofa or mattress online). I am so glad I didn't doubt myself! I bought 2 of these sofas to place in an L shape, and they arrived today a week after ordering (from Turkey to the U.S.). They are exactly as describe and pictured - just more beautiful since the gold has a slight shimmer that can only be seen in person. <br /> The packaging was excellent! I thought they had only packed the pillows because the boxes weren't so large.. But upon opening I realized they were vacuum sealed. They actual box was also plastic wrapped. They definitely took care while packing these sofas. They fluffed and opened up into life immediately. No odor, no quality issues. <br /> The pillows have a good bounce to them, making them very comfortable. The actual sofa mattress is firm enough that 3 adults can sit on it at the same time and it keeps its shape. Yet it's comfortable, not hard! <br /> I bought these to surprise my husband, and he is very pleased! Within minutes he asked, "Where did you get these from? What else do they have? I need to check them out.." A woman doesn't typically hear that from her husband after online shopping.. so it's a win-win! <br /> If you're hesitating, don't. Buy this (or the one you like, I'm sure they're all of the same great quality). <br /> Thank you Mystical Anatolia!!

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